Turn and face the strain…

I’ve been meditating on how to start this blog for months now, knowing that I need to put these thoughts together but the push to start has been elusive. If there’s nothing else I can contribute to the conversation about change I would like to add my experience of changing and being changed.

Whether it was in a tech company that rode the bubble of the mid-90’s and summarily burst in 2001, the field of education, hash-slinging, or light construction, all of my work experiences have echoed similar insights into human-organizational behavior.  To be truthful, I haven’t seen anyone manage change successfully, if an attempt is made at all.

It may be that managing change is not the correct way to go about dealing with change. Since change is the only constant in our world, perhaps the Buddhists have the right idea in just letting it be “what is” and going with the flow. As our culture is not predisposed to flowing maybe the most one can do is to breed flexibility in people and systems. This does not, however, speak easily to the real task of leadership. However one sees the leaders of their organization, they are human, and within that limitation are the same anxieties that breed in us all.

Sometimes when I think about it, I get a sense of defeatism, as it’s hard to believe that nothing short of a complete cultural makeover will cure these ills. Other times I feel like it has already started and adding my voice to the call would be doing something real, and of value.

So welcome to this part of my world, and let the games begin…


One Comment to “Turn and face the strain…”

  1. Beautifully thought out and written. A paradigm has been in the works since…..hmm. I guess I can only speak for myself. Change is inevitable, tolerance a desire, acceptance a must. The paradigm will occur. And then change is inevitable, tolerance a desire…….but we can’t rule out choices we can’t see or don’t want to make. Stubborn lot, we are.

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