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A discussion on an organizational change management group I’m a member of on LinkedIn posited the question: “What is the best term to replace ‘change management’?”

I find this humorous because I had recently been advised by a very wise person to drop all of the jargon from my elevator pitch.  He quoted some wise words from “The Dilbert Principle” to drive the point home, and it surely worked.  Nothing like Scott Adams-sounding phrases coming from my lips, and being called on it, to wake me up in the morning. Note: taken.

In another post I posited that we might not be best serving people to “manage” change, as change may be something to embrace rather than control. If that is the case, when people ask me what my concentration was in grad school, I would have to say “change embracement consultation.” Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but I like the idea of puttling a positive spin on it. It feels like saying “yes” instead of “no.”

Some ideas: change incorporation, change cultivation, mmm.  I could run through the thesaurus but I don’t think I’m going to strike gold just yet.

Also, I’m not sold completely on abandoning the “management” of change, but I think it might work to qualify that phrase. Perhaps, as the “management of very human reactions to change which may or may not include an acclimatization to the inevitable nature of all things.” Or maybe “change happens.” Which I think is why “change management” caught on. It’s simple, but can mean anything depending on who’s saying it. Which is also why I support the creation of something better. Less jargony.

Not sure how this is going to go. Should be interesting, though.


One Comment to “Insert job title here”

  1. I like “change happens.” Keep the ideas flowing, I too need to rescue myself from jargon.

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